Reception & Year 1

Welcome to our class page!

Welcome Back Superheros! 

We are so pleased to welcome you back to school! We have missed you all so much. What a brilliant day we had dressed as superheros! School hasn't been the same without you all here and we are so happy that our school community are all back together again. We cannot thank, parents, carers, grandparents enough for all the support and positivity we have recieved throughout school closure. It was lovely to see your smiling faces again bouncing through the door. 


Home Learning 

Please find home learning packs 1 and 2, should you need to self isolate for 14 days. There are 5 activities for reading, writing and maths for each day of the week and additional activities to support the rest of the curriculum. We would love to see what the children have been doing! 

Following on from parents evening, please see the attached link to support you in helping your child to read.

Today we explored Bonfire Night. We learnt about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot, we learnt about firework safety, whilst making chocolate apples, 'sparkler' streamers and firework pictures. 

We explored related language and songs and even enjoyed 'Rocket' PE using these words in our games. We had so much 'Fizzy, firework fun' in our learning today!

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